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Choosing Commercial Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your commercial office means balancing what it looks like, with how well it performs. Image can mean everything, and the way your flooring looks will leave an impression on both your customers and employees. Factors such as budget, design, traffic and maintenance requirements need to be considered when comparing office flooring options for your business. The floor cleaning experts from ServiceMaster of Grand Rapids have tips for choosing the best flooring options for your office.

Commercial Flooring Options

Your business flooring needs to fit the space both in design and usability. The goal is to create an appealing floor that matches with other interior elements of the space. Make sure both the color and material used matches the rest of your office space. When considering office flooring ideas, keep in mind the various material options:

  • Carpet or carpet tiles
  • Ceramic tile
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Natural stone
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl


Consider carpet or carpet tiles in office spaces that require insulation from noises. Carpet also provides a softer surface for those who spend large portions of the day on their feet. Available in a huge range of styles, colors and constructions to fit your design and budget needs, carpet offers a lot of flexibility. Carpet does need to be vacuumed daily and cleaned regularly with the help of your preferred janitorial services team to keep it looking great and stain-free. With carpet tiles, you have the ability to replace stained or damaged ones easier than with a wall-to-wall style.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile offers warmth and beauty, as well as durability. For high-traffic areas look for hard ceramic tile rated. Like any other flooring material, ceramic tile can stain but a professional cleaner can treat spots and removes stain to restore the tile’s original look.


Hardwood floors are durable and easy to maintain with regular care. There are many options for wood flooring, from rich red oak to environmentally friendly bamboo. Hardwood floor is classic and adds elegance, warmth and style to any work space. Even though it can be damaged by moisture, scratches and stains, modern hardwood floor finishes can help protect from excessive damage and the wood can be sanded and refinished by ServiceMaster Grand Rapids if needed.


Laminate flooring can offer the look of hardwood, tile or even stone flooring but at a lower price. It’s constructed in layers and designed to resist warping from moisture. Typically it features a thick surface coating to protect from scratches and other damage. It does require regular care and cleaning.

Natural Stone

Perhaps not ideal for every office, natural stone does offer a luxurious look. A higher end material, it creates a distinctive appearance that adds something special to the décor. Natural stone may scratch and stain, but a protective sealer can be applied to help reduce issues. Regular maintenance and cleaning is required.


Ideal for high-traffic areas, rubber flooring offers design versatility and is an easy-care flooring material. Rubber flooring is durable, heat and water-resistant as well as slip resistant. It’s comfortable to walk and stand on daily and also offers sound absorption, so it’s ideal for an open-concept office space.


Like rubber, vinyl can be ideal for high-traffic areas and when budget is a factor for choosing office flooring. It can be treated to resist scratches and stains. Vinyl flooring also may be treated for slip-resistance. It’s available in a range of styles, color and designs.

Regardless of which material you choose, make sure it is an "Easy-to-Clean" option in order to maintain its good looks. If you aren't sure, talk to our cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Grand Rapids about the care needed for various flooring materials.

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How To Clean & Care For Oak Hardwood Floors

Here are some tips for cleaning oak floors and to keep them looking great. 

The best way to clean oak hardwood floors daily is using a dry mop to remove loose dirt, pet hair, and other particulates. Dirt and grit are the enemy of your hardwood flooring, acting as abrasives that can scratch and leave unsightly marks. If your oak flooring sees heavy traffic, consider vacuuming with a soft brush attachment or setting the beater bar to its highest setting. Create a no-shoes rule to reduce the amount of dirt and allergens tracked into your home and across the flooring. Always wipe up spills immediately to minimize stains and hardwood damage.
When considering how to clean oak hardwood floors, remember excessive water and harsh cleaners should be avoided. Oil soaps also should be avoided as this type of cleaner can build up, creating a film over time. While vinegar and water may help remove dark rings or small stains, vinegar is acidic and can affect the flooring's finish and stain. Generally, a solution with a neutral pH may be the best way to clean oak floors. Follow the flooring manufacturer's recommendation when cleaning oak wood floors in your home.
Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish if the finish of a hardwood floor is just dirty or if it's worn. Our ServiceMaster Clean flooring specialists offer advice for checking the finish before cleaning oak floors. If the finish on your oak flooring is worn, it's best to avoid using a wet mop to clean it. To test the finish, pick an inconspicuous spot and drop a tablespoon of water onto the floor. If the water beads up, the finish is in good shape; however, if the water soaks into the wood quickly and leaves any type of spot, the finish is worn. A worn finish should be redone before any type of floor cleaning or you increase the risk of damaging the wood.
A damp mop cleaning with plain water often works best for oak hardwood. The mop should never be soaking wet, simply damp to the touch. Avoid steam mops, as they may dull the finish. If you're dry mopping or vacuuming the oak floors regularly, it's likely you won't need to use a damp mop more than once every few weeks. When cleaning no longer restores the floor's shine, consider having the finish redone. Your oak floors deserve special care and treatment. Let us take the mystery out of cleaning oak hardwood floors. Our ServiceMaster Grand Rapids flooring professionals can assess the condition of your oak hardwood and determine the best cleaning method to get the job done and return the floor to its natural beauty. 

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