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Removing Pet Hair From Furniture

Removing pet hair from furniture

In the United States, dogs live in more than 43 million homes and cats live in more than 36 million homes. We are a nation that adores our pets! While we love our pets, we do not always appreciate the hair left behind on furniture and other household surfaces, especially as they shed their winter coats. 

Here are a few cleaning tips for pet hair removal:

  • Removing Pet Hair from Furniture - Many pet owners enjoy sharing their couch with their dog or cat. Nothing is more relaxing than snuggling on the couch on a cold night with a warm, furry friend and a good movie or book. What most pet owners don't enjoy is the hair left behind after the dog or cat leaves the couch. We've collected several easy tips for how to get dog hair off the couch (and other upholstered surfaces), which also will work for removing cat and other pet hair.
  • Window Squeegee - Use a clean window squeegee (like the type used to clean car windshields) to remove pet hair from upholstered surfaces. Simply pull the squeegee over the hairy surface the same way you would on a window. It will loosen the hair from the fabric, forming it into a strand-like clump that can then be vacuumed or removed by hand. You also can use this method to remove pet hair from carpeting with a dense pile.
  • Rubber Glove - You've heard of the white glove test to assure surfaces are clean, but did you know a plain rubber cleaning glove can remove pet hair from furniture? Use a clean rubber glove; don't use one that you've worn when cleaning with solvents. Simply rub your gloved hand over the area with pet fur and it should quickly form easy-to-remove strands and clumps. Vacuum the clumps for easy clean up.
  • Fabric Softener Sheet - A fabric softener sheet is another option when searching ways to remove dog hair from a couch or other furniture. This option works best if the hair is sitting on the surface. If it's embedded into the fabric fibers, the rubber glove or squeegee may be a better option.

To keep furniture looking its best when sharing a home with dogs, cats or other pets, vacuum upholstery weekly or more often as needed. Tape rollers found in the cleaning aisle or pet store also serve as a “clean as you go” method for removing surface hair. For large areas, make your own with a paint roller and duct tape (sticky side out.)

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