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5 Spring Projects For Your Home


Mar 23, 2018

Welcome to Spring 2018! Now that winter has disappeared from the Grand Rapids area, it is time to bring the good weather indoors! 

Spring Cleaning

Here Are 5 Spring Projects For Your Home

1. Spring cleaning

Getting rid of the winter dirt buildup is hard work but it can really refresh your home.  Whether you do a deep clean and turn out cupboards, get your carpets cleaned or just give your home a good tidy up, spring cleaning is an excellent way to bid winter good bye!  Nothing says Spring better than a clean home!

2. Bring in colour

Dust off those brightly coloured vases and add some spring flowers to your rooms. You could also rearrange or update shelves with brightly coloured objects and change photos to give your rooms more colour and make them feel fresh. Of course if you’re feeling really adventurous you can always re-paint!

3. Create a new space

In the winter, living room furniture tends to be placed around the fire and the TV, so re-arrange them to create a new space.  Also, take the time to clean and change cushions and rugs, and consider getting them professionally cleaned to enhance their colour.  Creating a new space is a great way to put winter behind you.  

4. Increase natural light

With the advent of spring comes lighter and brighter days so take time to give windows and curtains a good clean and also check window catches are working properly.  Good quality light can really open up a house and improve everyones mood and attitude.

5. Sweet smells

A scent can unlock many memories and spring heralds a barrage of scents from flowers and cut grass to fresh dug earth.  While flowers are the easiest way to bring a new scent to your home you can also use scented candles, scented sticks or choose from a hug range of air fresheners now on sale.

What to do when appliances are damaged by flooding


Feb 24, 2018

Flooding, like we have seen here in Grand Rapids, leaves a messy trail behind it. One of the more expensive elements to sometimes be affected, are your appliances. Here are some tips on how to deal with appliances that may have been damaged by a flood.

Fooding and appliances
  • Make Sure The Electricity Is Off
    • Never enter a flooded or wet area without making sure the electicity is off first. Standing water and moisture pose electrical hazards, and make sure you talk to an electrician or your utility company first before you enter any flooded area.
  • Talk To Your Insurance Company Right Away
    • Unfortunately, flooding from natural disasters is not covered by most typical homeowner insurance policies, you need to have special flood insurance. It is always a good idea to be familiar with what is covered by your insurance before disasters strike.
    • Now the next important step is to document all the damage. Take pictures and videos of everything! Also put everything into writing. The quicker you can provide your insurance company with details, the quicker any claim can get started for you.
  • Get You Appliances Professionally Serviced
    • Water and electrical appliances don't mix. Don't turn on an appliance that has beem caught in a flood, until a professional technician inspects it first.
    • On top of that, flood waters can contain harmful bacterias and molds that will need to be cleaned off the surfaces, inside and out of affected appliances. This, in many cases, is going to take professionals to do. 

The aftermath of a flood is never easy. Give us a call to help you out, we have decades of flood experience to get your home back up and running quickly!